Monday, March 23, 2015

True Fulfillment

I was sitting at my booth at the Boca Raton Greenmarket this weekend - where I sell my greeting cards (and hand painted journals, prints, framed artwork, phone cases).

I had my journal out and I was journaling to God about my life and about what his plan for me is and about what my purpose on this planet is. He very gently dropped into my heart the following: the fulfillment that you are looking for is found in Me. Things (cars, houses, clothing accessories etc), situations (singleness, matrimony, employment, unemployment, world travel etc) and people (a man a woman, children, parents etc) can and will bring enjoyment but true lasting fulfillment and joy...only I can give. When I understood that, a burden lifted and I understood...I mean really understood that true (permanent) fulfillment - as in the kind of satisfaction that isn't dependent on external circumstances - has been within my grasp all along. It is right in front of me, available to me. I choose to take it.

I used to think - wow - when I start traveling all around the world doing projects, I will reach a new level of fulfillment or once I've bought a house - I'll have more satisfaction.

Not true - while having those things is wonderful - the excitement will fade eventually and you will be looking for you next fix in fulfillment. lol

So I guess I'm writing the above to say. Your joy/fulfillment/happiness is found in God. You don't have to wait for some circumstance to be 'right' - you can have it right this second...

Psalm 37:4

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