Monday, March 23, 2015

True Fulfillment

I was sitting at my booth at the Boca Raton Greenmarket this weekend - where I sell my greeting cards (and hand painted journals, prints, framed artwork, phone cases).

I had my journal out and I was journaling to God about my life and about what his plan for me is and about what my purpose on this planet is. He very gently dropped into my heart the following: the fulfillment that you are looking for is found in Me. Things (cars, houses, clothing accessories etc), situations (singleness, matrimony, employment, unemployment, world travel etc) and people (a man a woman, children, parents etc) can and will bring enjoyment but true lasting fulfillment and joy...only I can give. When I understood that, a burden lifted and I understood...I mean really understood that true (permanent) fulfillment - as in the kind of satisfaction that isn't dependent on external circumstances - has been within my grasp all along. It is right in front of me, available to me. I choose to take it.

I used to think - wow - when I start traveling all around the world doing projects, I will reach a new level of fulfillment or once I've bought a house - I'll have more satisfaction.

Not true - while having those things is wonderful - the excitement will fade eventually and you will be looking for you next fix in fulfillment. lol

So I guess I'm writing the above to say. Your joy/fulfillment/happiness is found in God. You don't have to wait for some circumstance to be 'right' - you can have it right this second...

Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hip Christian Chick Tee

Hip Christian Chick Logo Tee 25.00.

This is probably the most normal shirt you will find in my t-shirt shop and the only t-shirt that I will be making reproductions of - all the rest will be one of a kind creations. Enjoy!

Hip Christian Chick Shop

A little about me...

(okay so I'm still mastering the art of the selfie, don't judge me lol)

I'm a  chick (self appointed - hip christian ha ha) living in sunny Florida. I was originally born in Winnipeg Canada, moved to Saskatoon Canada and then at the age of ten move to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Whew! Hope you're still with me. So I am literally multicultural.

I'm an art director,  graphic and textile designer and fine artist living in sunny Florida. I will draw on anything that holds still :D. I also have an obsession with color.

I have a fascination with True Crime Stories - First 48, Cold Case Files, and anything on Investigation Discovery.

Kick boxing and kung fu rock. Spar and smackdown - yeah baby!

I love fashion and I love to shop. (I will share my finds on this blog)

I love my family (mom dad and two younger) sisters.

I have a passion for encouraging women in their gifts and helping women find fashion and clothing that works for them no matter what your body type is - God put you together exactly the way you are supposed to be (despite what is dictated in the media or all the fashion houses). It takes some work but everyone can find what makes them look beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God doesn't make mistakes. 

And last but most importantly, I love God and seek him in all that I do. I am focused on my relationship with Him and I am eternally grateful for the abundance of grace and mercy that he showers over my life and the creativity that he has placed in me.

I will be sharing a little bit of me, some encouragement, fashion tips, business tips and awesome one of a kind t-shirt art on this blog :).

Stay tuned...

Love Crystal
ps 37:4

Hip Christian Chick - by Xtal Art

To my fellow t-shirt lovers welcome to the Hip Christian Chick blog/shop (I have a Hip Christian Chick shop where you can buy these unique designs is you so desire) where each t-shirt is made with passion and love. No two are the same. Each shirt is either vintage, repurposed-thrift or and interesting store bought cut coupled with Hip Christian Chick original artwork. My t-shirts will make your torso happy :D.